Granite is a natural, porous rock that is more resistant to stains, scratching and etching but no stone is damage proof. It ranges from the typical speckle pattern to unique slabs with veining and coloration.


Marble is also a natural stone made up of mostly calcium that requires more maintenance than other stones. Marble is a soft, porous rock that is susceptible to staining, etching and scratching. Marble does not tolerate heat, but provides a timeless addition to your project.


Quartzite is a dense, natural stone that can be very susceptible to staining and etching. This natural stone has a tendency to have a higher level of porosity, but offers the most stunning patterns and color varieties.


Quartz is a manmade countertop option that is made up of natural quartz, dye, resin and filler. Each manufacturer uses a different process to blend the ingredients together for their specific designs. Quartz is essentially non-porous. Each brand does offer a warranty specific to their colors.


Soapstone is a non-porous, heat resistant material that is soft enough to scratch.  This stone can be waxed to offer a shiny appearance or left natural to give a rustic esthetic. Soapstone is a naturally dark, dense material that comes in a variety of finishes.

Cleaner & Sealer

Natural stone does require specified maintenance depending on the stone itself. We offer a preferred natural stone cleaner and sealer that can be purchased at both of our locations.

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